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Who Killed Jane Doe?

Behind the discovery of every "Jane Doe" lie two stories: the story of the detectives puzzling together her identity, and the story of her family that has now lost her forever. This series ...

Genre: Crime , Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.9

Season 1 - Who Killed Jane Doe?
"The body of a beautiful woman is found in the Pennsylvania woods near Christmas time, and it\u2019s clear her death is no accident. A decade-spanning investigation begins, and officials are determined to discover this woman\u2019s name and bring her home."
"A young woman\u2019s body is found in the Arizona desert, scorched by the sun. Over 2,500 miles away, a young man worries about his missing sister. An investigation into her death begins, and it will take decades to reveal her name and her killer."
"Not long after a jogger discovers a woman\u2019s body off a remote road in Pennsylvania, a family worries when the godmother never shows up to a baptism. A frantic search begins for a missing woman that leads investigators up and down the east coast."
"An unidentified woman's body surfaces in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico; meanwhile, a woman vanishes from her new home in Florida, then, nearly 30 years later, both tales are untangled to reveal a story of love, loss, life, and death."
"In 2005, Pamela Knight vanishes on her son's birthday, and, years later, two men find the remains of a woman buried under an abandoned shed."
"After a young woman's body is discovered naked in a Minnesota ditch, investigators embark on a decades-long hunt to identify her; meanwhile, over 1,000 miles away, a despairing family refuses to stop looking for the daughter and sister they love."
"A heartbroken woman waits for her daughter to come home for the holidays, but she never does; in another state, investigators find a woman's remains, and these two seemingly unrelated incidents come together as investigators finally catch a break."
Season 2 - Who Killed Jane Doe?
"A woman's body is found in a tent bag in the Kentucky woods. A thousand miles away, a family searches for a missing mother of three. Both cases go unsolved for decades, until a man's obsession and a family's determination converge, uncovering the truth."
"An unidentified Jane Doe is discovered in the Mojave Desert in Apple Valley, Calif., and it will take nearly 20 years for the case to be solved, bringing to light a twisted tale of love and jealousy."
"While searching for coyotes in a pasture, ranch hands find the body of a murdered woman in a roadside ditch; meanwhile, a young mother goes missing, and both cases go cold."
"While searching for a lost wallet along a wooded trail in Wildwood, Fla., two all-terrain vehicle riders find a woman's scattered bones instead; meanwhile, family and friends search for their missing loved one."
"A transient discovers the body of an unidentified teenage girl in a culvert near an Arizona freeway close to the Mexican border; previously, a Washington teenager travels in search of love and attention after a troubled childhood."
"The body of an unidentified young woman turns up on the side of a highway in Oklahoma; her name remains a mystery until investigators find a family looking for their missing daughter, who had become ensnared in a suspicious relationship."