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123 Movies is the most popular streaming site in history. Shortly after the first website was launched, it became famous because it provided very high-quality content without ads and people liked it.

The original 123movies were shut down in 2018 by the Vietnamese government and the American Film Association (MPAA), but even with this major setback, free streaming sites continue to operate through other networks.

123 Movies is the best streaming site

123 Movies meets all the criteria for being the best streaming website in the world. It provides HD movies and TV shows, most of which we talk about about 2,000 episodes of about 2,000 TV shows and about 10,000 movies. It is worth mentioning that all the so-called foreign languages ​​(except English) have been updated with English subtitles, so everyone can understand it. We are talking about popular TV dramas like La Casa de Papel, Elite, Dark, which are called in other languages ​​and need English subtitles. We know this represents a big issue, and we can work on it to enjoy your favorite works published in 123 movies.

123 Movie – Website History

It has been many years since the first 123Movies site was created, and it will be 3 years since the original site was shut down by the government. The team that founded 123Movies is considered to be Vietnam-based, but we can’t be 100% sure of that because they’ve put a lot of effort into protecting their identities. In fact, 123movies.to is hosted in Ukraine and with the help of CloudFlare it is impossible to know who has this streaming website. But we can be sure that the team behind 123Movies will be doing their job for a long time after the government shut down the first site, as many new and cloned sites are starting to look and look the same.

123 Movies – How to Watch

Watching movies on 123Movies is very simple, with a modern interface and a clean interface, so you can easily access your favorite content. You can find any program or movie that is well-organized with filters and categories through the search box or other special pages. Once you’ve decided to love, press the big game button in the middle of the screen. There is usually no ad, but if something pops up, close it as soon as possible and click the play button again. If there are video ads, you can skip after a few seconds. You can always find the skip button at the bottom right of the video player. You can find ads just before filming. After that, you can see it continuously.

123 Movies – Streaming Without Advertisin

The team behind 123Movies is working hard every day to make this site free, so that everyone can sign up for a paid streaming platform and enjoy their favorite movies and series without having to pay expensive monthly fees. And our goal is to keep the ad level as low as possible, preferably zero. This is not always the case because we are working with third parties that provide all the movies and TV shows, and sometimes we can’t control all of that. But we promise that we will do our best to publish non-commercial content. We recommend that you use any AdBlockers to help you get rid of annoying ads.

123 Movies – Is the use legal and safe?

Theoretically, you can’t find anything illegal on the servers of 123 movies or other streaming websites. Illegal means that we host a third-party movie and TV series that provides free video services to those in need, so streaming sites like 123Movies are not responsible for movies and programs, even if you watch them on their website because only three videos are viewed by visitors. The glass connection provided. We try to make it as clear as possible, and we hope that everyone understands that 123 movies and other streaming websites are legal in most parts of the world and that there are no problems in Europe, the United States, Australia and India. If you live in a country that specifically prohibits watching online movies, install a virtual private network (VPN) that will hide everything from viewing history to your identity. You avoid any penalties with a VPN.

123 Collection of Film and Television Programs

123Movies is now working on a three-year database that includes more than 10,000 movies, 2,000 TV shows and 60,000 episodes. So you can understand the weight of 123Movies, you can access the files published 3 years ago, they are still working perfectly these days, Netu.TV server